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The power controller CEWP400 has been designed as a ready-to-plug device and can be used directly as an intermediate socket. It is particularly suitable for limiting the temperature of any heating devices indoors. The power controller enables the average power consumption of electric heaters to be continuously adjusted between 0 and 100% of the nominal power of the device used.


The electrical device is switched on and off with the entire power consumption. You can use the rotary knob to adjust the ratio of on and off times of your system and thus the average power consumption.



Power regulator

  • Features and Benefits

    • Ready-to-plug power controller in a sturdy plastic housing

    • Suitable for various electric heaters up to 400 W

    • Robust switching mechanism

    • Power infinitely adjustable 0…100%

  • Shipment

    Standard product - available from stock and dispatched within 24 hours

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