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Discover our innovative heating box in Euro pallet format - the optimal solution for the efficient preheating of chemical-technical products in a wide range of container sizes. This heating box makes it possible to bring larger storage quantities to operating temperature in a targeted and energy-efficient manner without having to heat the entire warehouse. The flexible adaptation to different packaging sizes, the targeted heating of only the required products and the high efficiency make our heating box the sustainable choice for storage in winter.


Is your container higher than the heating box? No problem - simply cut a suitable opening in the lid with a craft knife. This means you can also remove the contents while you warm up.

Pallet heating box

  • Features and Benefits

    • Surface heating from below via an integrated stainless steel base plate

    • Intrinsically safe PTC heating element (Tmax 65°C):
      Prevents uncontrolled heating in the event of a fault

    • Electronic temperature controller with 3-digit LED display, easily adjustable using three buttons

    • Can be moved using a pallet truck or two people

    • EPP housing: energy efficient and shatterproof

    • External dimensions (LxWxH) 1200 x 800 x 540 mm
      (with closed lid)

    • Silicone-free!

  • Shipment

    Standard product - available from stock and dispatched within 24 hours

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