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Kanisterheizung mit Kanister

Our canister heater is compact and portable, making it an excellent choice for use in various environments. You can easily transport them in your vehicle and use them anywhere you need warmth. Ideal for various chemical technical products such as paints, thinners, adhesives or sealants


Made from high-quality materials, this heater is particularly durable and robust.

Canister heater

  • Features and Benefits

    • Individual radial heating of each canister for particularly even heating

    • Intrinsically safe PTC heating element (Tmax 65°C): Prevents uncontrolled heating in the event of a fault

    • Electronic temperature controller with 3-digit LED display, easily adjustable using three buttons

    • Carrying strap for safe transport

    • EPP housing: energy efficient and shatterproof

    • Silicone-free!

  • Shipment

    Since a custom-made product depends on the volume and geometry of the container, the delivery time depends on it. Inquiries here.

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