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The completely new cartridge heater HC065-C310-230V-R (or also called caulk warmer), was developed for heating two 310 ml standard cartridges (with a 49 mm diameter) and for use in harsh industrial and construction site operations. In this way, chemical-technical products such as adhesives and sealants can be brought to the optimal processing temperature. Lightweight and resistant to dirt, knocks and falls, it can be transported to the place of use using the carrying strap.


Once warmed up, the cartridges retain their temperature for a long time, even without additional power supply.


Optionally available: With adapter for 18V battery for mobile use

Cartridge preheater

  • Features and Benefits

    • Individual radial heating of each cartridge for particularly even heating

    • Intrinsically safe PTC heating element (Tmax 65°C): Prevents uncontrolled heating in the event of a fault

    • Electronic temperature controller with 3-digit LED display, easily adjustable using three buttons

    • Carrying strap for safe transport

    • EPP housing: energy efficient and shatterproof

    • Silicone-free!

  • Shipment

    Standard product - available from stock and dispatched within 24 hours

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